World Leader of construction fittings offers an innovative and one of the most popular enveloped ferrules in the market. Being up to the highest construction requirements and conventions of different world markets GU reached a leadership in construction business. “Silver” ferGUard external coating of fittings guarantees optimum corrosion protection, the best in the market.



The history of Effector S.A. starts in 1991, when it still as economic activity of a natural person, the production of aluminum gutter drip for wooden windows started. As the company expanded we enriched our offer. Currently in two factories Włoszczowa and Kielce, Effector produces using new technologies gutter drips to wooden windows, floor finishing strips , aluminium window linings "EFFECT 2000" and double glazing. Establishing a new production plant goes together with expansion of the offer what is priority.



Teknos is a European leader in a field of wood protection products. It supplies for the woodworking industry preservatives and topcoats by GORI. GORI products are based on advanced technology and research. Teknos products meet the requirements of the LZO Directive issued by the European Union countries, regulating the emission of solvents.



Sikkens brand quality results from tradition, innovation, high technical competence and aesthetics. For many years, the knowledge derived from color psychology and the study of current trends is used in the development of new products. Sikkens belongs to AkzoNobel group, which as a market leader supplies customers with products in area o of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints and varnishes.



Schlegel company was founded in New York in 1885. Currently the company is based in Bedfordshire, England. Schlegel is undisputed supplier leader of window and door components for 10 countries around the world. The company's products are of the highest quality and meet strict standards for the global markets, including standards such as BSI, DIN, ISO and ASTM. In Poland, Schlegel products are distributed by VBH Poland Sp. z o.o.



Aluron is a modern, well organized and fast developing company, producing drip cap moulds for wooden doors and windows, doorsteps for exterior doors, aluminium exterior window sills, a new innovative system of caps for wooden windows. Alluron specializes in shapes from the modern system Soft Line. The company has all the necessary certificates confirming the products high quality and safety standards for usage in wooden doors and windows.



HOPPE is the leading company in the European market in the development, production and sales of window and door fittings. Global sales network cares for a comfort of living in every detail, thanks to the "good handle".Professionals put Hoppe products in the first place. Hoppe offers not only a wide range of window and door fittings with attractive shapes, but also emphasizes its leading position in the market for innovative solutions.


VBH Poland

It is part of the German company VBH AG which specialises in building hardware trade. The VBH offer is a wide range of products for the production and installation of windows and doors, including varnishes and preservatives, door handles, building chemicals, seals, window and door hinges, screws and woodwork tools, etc.



The largest manufacturer of humidity sensitive ventilation systems in the world. For more than 20 years designing and manufacturing modern ventilation systems, which automatically adjust the airflow depending on actual requirements. The company continues to develop new energy-saving, automatic ventilation systems and participates in European research projects.