About Us

We have been operating on the Polish market for more than 15 years. At that time, the company built a solid and innovative position and above all, became open to diverse needs of our customers. With constant effort, we have received recognition not only customers but also our business partners and experts in the construction industry.
The entire range of company products exceed the specific expectations of our customers in terms of quality, aesthetics and durability.PROMMAX assortment includes extremely durable and unique in terms of shapes and technology wooden windows and doors, supplemented with aluminum joinery and PVC.Having knowledge and potential we are able to meet even the most difficult challenge of contemporary architecture and monuments.

Management and employees
PROMESA Sp. z o.o.

Our mission:

  • strive to priority over comprehensives and uniqueness of offered products
  • serve our customers the best of all the companies in the field of joinery
  • refer to the welfare of our employees and business partners by providing and fulfilling their needs and expectations

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We ensure the highest quality of products, which is the result of passion, skills, years of experience, but also knowledge of latest technologies and customer requirements. Our philosophy slogan “ Naturally the best windows” is based on the maximum involvement of all employees, from sales through the production process, ending with a service. Anyone who makes a purchase in our joinery becomes a member of a large family, which at any moment can count on the help and expert advice from PROMMAX staff.This is the element that definitely distinguishes our company from other joinery manufacturers.

Prommax and society:

  • in our opinion, good working conditions and environmental protection are the foundation of a successful business.
  • we work with suppliers who are concerned about the environment.
  • we minimize the harmful impact of our production on the environment around us.
  • we care about good and long-term relationships with our partners and key customers.
  • we treat our employees and partners with respect and honesty
  • we give support to local social, cultural and sports initiatives